Stuff for Little Bytes

Stuff for Little Bytes

MIT Scratch

scratchScratch is a graphical computer program that allows you to create code to perform anything from simple animations to very complex games.  There is a active user community, and a wealth of educational resources to help kids learn how to write computer programs.  The latest version of Scratch is a web based application you can run in a browser.  You can also get the previous version that runs as a stand alone program on Windows, Mac, and Linux

Our Minecraft Page

Minecraft is a wildly popular game, that also happens to be an excellent teaching tool.  Learn how to operate your own web servers, how to write computer code to interact with your running Minecraft server, or all about 3D computer graphics.



One of the best recognized online learning to program resources there is.  Codecademy has online tutorials in different programming languages including Python and JavaScript.

Start Programming with Python

We have put together a tutorial for absolute beginners. Learn how to start writing and debuging Python code in about 60 minutes.