Our Raspberry Pi Projects

Our Raspberry Pi Projects

Some of the projects we work on with our Raspberry Pi computers.


piStorePromoPyLauncher is a system that allows you to launch Python programs on your Raspberry Pi remotely from your Android phone.

Get pyLauncher on Google Play
pyLauncher on Google Play
pyLauncher on the Raspberry Pi Store

Raspbian Plus+

This is the Raspbian operating system plus:

  • VNC screen sharing configured for main desktop (for convenient headless operation)
  • Samba file sharing configured for pi and root users (for easy access to the file system)
  • Nginx, MySQL, and PHP installed (including sample php web site)
  • Mono and the XSP server (including sample C# ASP.NET web application)

You can get the OS image and read the setup instructions on our Google drive.

PiWiFi Control

Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 10.25.55 PMDo you need to use your Pi anywhere and without a monitor? We configured Raspbian to boot the Pi as a WiFi hotspot, so you can always access your hardware. After connecting to the Pi as a router, you can use the web based UI to join an available WiFi network.