Little Bytes of Pi

Little Bytes of Pi

If you have not heard about the Raspberry Pi, then you should read about it here: .  This small, inexpensive computer was designed by the nonprofit Raspberry Pi Foundation as a tool to make computer programming accessible and affordable for kids.

We were inspired by the incredible things people are doing with these small computers, so we started Little Bytes of Pi in an effort to make better use of our spare time. We work on projects that interest us to create resources for educators and hobby scientists.

Stuff for Little Bytes

scratchResources for for computer programming beginners.

Robotics for Kids

Lego EV3 robot.

Robotics is a great way for kids to learn how to program, because the results of your code move around in the physical world, and you can see the behavior of your if statements, for loops, and variable conditions with your own two eyes.

We are playing with a few different robotic toys to learn about programming in different languages including C# on Windows and Linux, and Objective C on iOS.

Our Raspberry Pi Projects

raspberry-pi-model-b-plus-1Some of the projects we are working on with our Raspberry Pi computers.

Science with Sensors

issacs Apple LogoEnhance your physics or math curriculum with real time sensor readings using our Sir Isaac’s Apple applications.  Using the iPad or PC application, observe and save measurements from the accelerometers, gyroscopes, magnetometers, and other sensors embedded in everyday smart devices.


DIY Web Hosting

headerVisit The Nerd Cave and learn how to run your own web servers from home.

VOIP for Dummies

voipForDummiesSmallWant to make free phone calls?  All you need is a Raspberry Pi, an Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA), a plain old telephone, and a Google Voice number.

Use your smartphone as an extension on your Raspberry Pi telephone exchange.